I Can’t Write to Save My Life

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WritingOkay, so let’s face it…most people dread the writing that comes with attending college. So many people say they can’t write, hate writing, or both! On the flip side, writing is one of our most important forms of communication. We use it for all aspects of life. Just look around, writing is literally everywhere. Whether we like it or not, being able to communicate through writing is extremely crucial and vital to our education and life past college.

Whether you are hoping to be a doctor, lawyer, police officer, musician, or teacher you will often use writing in your future job. Many employers say the number one quality they look for when hiring is effective communication skills. They’re not talking about someone who can hold a brief conversation, but instead an employee they can count on to communicate to others through verbal and written language in a way that represents their company well. You can know all the formulas and figures when it comes to math and science, but when it comes to writing there is always room to improve.

I’ve learned that in a college English class, you will get as much out of it as you put into it. That old saying is true! Whether you plan to be a writer or the farthest thing from one, make the most of your required English classes to help you pave the way for your future in the written world. For real, you will be thankful, even if it seems pointless now and you feel as though you can’t write to save your life. It might be a job saver one day.