Campus Writing Resources

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Writing papers in college is easy right? I just turn in one draft and boom, it’s done. Well technically yes, but a composition class grading system does not offer a lot of room for mistakes and mess-ups. Many elements contribute to a paper’s final score, and each paper is often worth a large chunk of your final grade. I’ve learned that writing is one area where colleges generally offer tons of support resources. Students who struggle with writing can still have good grades in English classes! The key, however, is working ahead of deadlines. All those fabulous resources are not available in the middle of the night before the paper is due. Also, most professors are more than willing to assist students who seek out help or advice; however, it may not be offered openly to the whole class. This is where you as a student must work ahead and go the extra mile.

For example, one of the resources on the East Carolina University campus is the First Year Writing Center for 1000-level English classes. The First Year Writing Center can be extremely helpful and assist you in moving your written work up to a new level. In the center, more experienced writers work with students on their papers. They offer brainstorming, formatting, outlining, editing, and more to make first-year students’ papers the best they can be. Some first-year class professors will require students to have someone in the center look over their papers at least once before turning it in. One of your first steps as a new college student can be to check out the writing supports available on your campus. Many do have writing centers, and these centers are often under-utilized.