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Career Steps to Success

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College is a wonderful time in a young person’s life, full of new freedoms, friendships, all-nighters, projects, papers, and many more unique experiences you will probably only encounter during this season of life. Particularly during the first few years, it is easy to forget that you are ultimately in college to prepare yourself for a professional career. It is important to remember that your desire for a bright future is the reason you are attending college in the first place. Your goal is to gain an education and become successful…read more


Preparing for Career Fairs

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Career fairs are a great resource that colleges and universities often offer to help students network, learn how to talk to employers, and connect with a large variety of different companies and job opportunities. This is a great chance to make a good first impression with a potential boss or company. Attending career fairs is a great chance to practice and build on professional skills. You should consider attending them beginning as early as your first year of college, but it’s pretty much a must for your senior year. One…read more