“What Are Your Plans After Graduation?”

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It’s the unavoidable question that all college seniors dread the most! While looking forward to their pending graduation, all college students want to know what the next step in their lives will be.  If you find yourself only a semester or two away from graduating and still have no answer as to what comes next, don’t freak out.  Believe it or not, you are in good company. A lot of soon to be college graduates have no idea what to do next.

Do you truly know what you want to be when you grow up? ‘Cause honestly, I don’t know and I am two months away from graduation. The step of becoming a post-grad is a big one and what path you decide to take should help you determine what it is you truly want to do with the rest of your life. So what kind of options do you have to choose from? Well, in the beginning, having any kind of job will allow you to narrow down your choices by helping you discover your likes and dislikes. Hopefully by now you have some kind of general idea for the qualities of a career you want but simply don’t know of an existing position that has what you are looking for. Working for a year or two in an office or organization where you see potential will give you the opportunity to find out what the strengths and limitations are for working in that kind of business. If you discover it is not for you, move and repeat the process until you find a place that has the majority of what you are looking for in a work place and that you feel will lead to a rewarding career.

Jumping straight into a job is a huge commitment, especially if you are not entirely sure what you want to do.  Some ways to narrow down what you’re dream job may include taking advantage of opportunities to shadow employees at a company you are interested in, serve in an internship role for that company, and even take online career assessments to help you figure out what careers are the best fit for your personality.

You will be surprised how many people are interested in what your next step will be, and you will be asked what your plans are all the time. So how do you answer this tough question? Honestly. You never know if people are aware of jobs available in a field you are considering.  So if you are currently looking for a job opportunity, don’t hesitate to tell people. If you are already interviewing at certain places, share that too. People you know may know people in high places. Then if you haven’t begun the hunt, ask around for some great advice as to how to begin.