Final Semester Goals

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8735928702_20e0197c5a_kIt is finally here! You are in your last semester of college! Where has the time gone? Countless late nights of study and early morning cramming sessions are finally finished. It is a weird feeling realizing after 16 or more years of being a student, your time in school could finally be coming to an end. It is exciting, terrifying, and stressful all at the same time. Many different emotions encompass the final semester of college. It is a season full of lasts. Some of these are good, like the last time studying and taking exams. However, it can also be sad knowing it is your last few months not having to work a regular 9-5 job or to hang out with friends before you all take off in different directions. Despite the emotional rollercoaster, don’t waist this last semester oversleeping or being a couch potato. You should set goals that will help you end school with a bang and allow you to walk away without any regrets. At the start of your last semester find time to examine what you want to achieve before you leave college and how you want to begin setting yourself up for being a post-grad.

Bucket List Goals – This may seem cliché but think of everything you want to do before graduation. As we all know, semesters in college fly by and if you wait until halfway through the semester to make your bucket list, they may not happen. Think of things you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time. Make a list of restaurants you want to visit in your college town, take day trips to the closest beach or mountain with your friends, or go to a random museum or park you’ve always seen but never stopped to explore. Travel through parts of your campus you’ve never seen or go sit in your college football stadium and reminiscence on your favorite memories in the student section.  Whatever you find exciting and fun that you want to do before leaving you should put on the list.

Career Goals – It is officially time to start looking for a job. Yes, that is a scary thought. Career goals should be one of the top priorities during your last semester. It is important to begin actively researching and reaching out to companies you would like to peruse for job opportunities. Making a list of all the companies or organizations you are interested in is a great starting point to begin the job search. Meeting with a career coach or career center at your school to help prepare your resume and yourself for interviews in another great step. Many universities offer things such as mock interviews and workshops to help prepare students for job hunting. Other goals to focus on in your final semester should include things such as joining honor societies, making a LinkedIn account, and cleaning up your Facebook. Also ask your current boss or professors for professional references and attend networking conferences or lectures on your campus. Take advantage of these opportunities while you are still a student!

Academic Goals – It is easy to fall into the senioritis trap. Yes, this is a very real thing. I’m struggling with it this year myself. You’ve been in school for four or five, or maybe even six, long years and now it’s your final semester. You are mentally done. But do not give up! You still need to graduate and get your diploma. Set academic goals for yourself at the beginning of your last semester to make sure you don’t start slacking off. When you are setting these final academic goals it is important to remember you will also have the important task of job hunting, so don’t overcommit yourself. Remember to do things such as plan out your academic week and know how to balance your studies with the other things you have going on your final semester – like those job interviews and bucket list ventures.

Setting goals for your final semester of college may seem pointless because of all you are trying to juggle. But remember goals help you think about how to prioritize during those last few months of college. Have fun planning out your final semester bucket list, and go do something you’ve always wanted to do. Set career goals that will get you ready to tackle the working world. Also remember you still have to graduate! So don’t fail your last semester classes. In the end, do something for yourself and utilize your final semester freedoms in a positive, memorable way.