Student Health Centers

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Moving away from home for the first time can be scary and overwhelming, especially when you get sick and are not sure what to do. The Student Health Services office on your campus is a great place to go for any health needs. Most offices are located very convenient for student access.

If you ever do need to go to the student health center, think ahead about what you will need. For example, in North Carolina all students are required to have health insurance. You can sign up for this at the link located at the end of this article. Along with an insurance card, students may also need their student ID card to show the receptionist when checking in for an appointment. Some student health centers prefer for students to make appointments ahead of time; however they do allow for walk-ins if it’s more of an emergency. Just go to your school’s website and search for student health services to learn how to make an appointment. The number to call or online instructions for setting up appointments should appear somewhere on their website.

Student health services generally offer a huge array of services for students. Most services do not cost anything extra, but there may be some charges for things such as x-rays, lab testing, and prescriptions. Even when there are fees, they typically are not expensive and may be discounted.  That said, it is always good to double check with your school’s specific health clinic before taking a bunch of tests. Student health centers may also offer a wide range of supports such as nutrition classes, healthy eating tips, online resources, and assistance for individuals suffering from eating disorders. All these services can be very beneficial if you are ever looking for specific kinds of help.

Many prescriptions can be transferred to the student health pharmacy. They carry all types of medicine just like your local CVS, Walgreens, and Rite Aid drug stores. Most of the prescriptions are offered in generic brands as well to cut costs for students. Student health centers are made available specifically for students, and they try to make every experience as pleasant as possible for their patients. With such a great service available for you to use, never be afraid to reach out and get the help you need to stay healthy while you are in college.

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