Sam’s Story

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My name is Sam, I am a junior at East Carolina University, and have been diagnosed with dyslexia and ADD with comprehension disabilities. I’m from Charlotte, NC, went to Charlotte Catholic high school, and then graduated from The Fletcher School. Right now I’m majoring in RCLS, specializing in Rec and Park Management. I love the outdoors and hope to find a career that keeps me in the wilderness or by the ocean.

I first found out that I learned differently in fourth grade. The next year I was accepted at The Fletcher School, who specializes in LD students. I attended The Fletcher School from 5th to 7th grade and they taught me the skills I needed to get around my differences such as study strategies and reading comprehension.

I then attended a catholic middle school and high school, but I did not apply what I had learned at Fletcher and somewhat gave up on school. At that young age, it was supposedly “cool” to do poorly in school and I chose to not care. This went on until my sophomore year of high school. I decided I needed some extra help to get back on track. So for my junior year of high school, I re-enrolled in The Fletcher School and graduated two years later in 2010.

When it came to college, I was concerned I wouldn’t get the support I needed, so I applied to Project STEPP at ECU during my junior year of high school and got accepted. Project STEPP is a program that walks LD students through the first year of college; it somewhat resembles The Fletcher School for college students. I love being a student at East Carolina. I am a member of the Kappa Alpha Order and am very active in Greek Life.

Over the summers I work as a whitewater raft guide and safety kayaker. During my free time I love going duck hunting, scuba diving, kayaking, and playing golf. Other than that I’m a pretty normal college student just trying to graduate, have a ball with my friends, and plan on leaving college with some funny stores and good memories.