Sage’s Story

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Hey! What’s up guys! My name is Sage. I am 20 years old and a freshman at East Carolina University. I grew up in High Point, NC. My learning differences are an auditory processing disorder and ADHD. Currently, I am undecided as to what I would like to major in, but I’m leaning toward social work or child life. I want to become a great leader for my community. My life goals are to finish college and succeed in everything I do.

I went to a great school when I lived in High Point called High Point Christian Academy. But when I was in middle school I found myself struggling every day. I thought I was not good enough, and I felt so dumb in front of my classmates. I was always so afraid to raise my hand or stand up and ask a question because I thought I would always be wrong. I became scared, and began to dread going to school. I was terrified of what people thought about me. Math and science were my worst subjects. Trying to memorize equations and definitions was a very hard task for me. In ninth grade, my parents began putting me in another school for half the day. I went to a school called The Piedmont School, to help me catch up with my studies. The Piedmont School was specifically designed for students who have learning differences.

The next year my family decided to move to Greenville, NC., where I also attended two schools, Greenville Learning Center and The Oakwood School. These two schools helped me so much with getting through academics and building great friendships! However, I had to repeat my freshman year of high school. I started realizing that I needed to get over what people thought about my learning difference and accept the fact that it is simply a part of who I am. When my junior year came around, I started looking at what colleges were the best fit for me. I found out about Project STEPP at ECU through The Greenville Learning Center. I applied for the program and got in! I was excited that I would have similar academic support in college to what I had in high school. I felt so proud and accomplished for getting in!

My first semester in college was different than I expected. I thought I would have more down time to myself (so I could do activities and such), but no. I am always in the library studying to focus on making good grades. During the school week, I am very busy and usually have no time for myself. Therefore, on the weekends I mostly go on road trips, relax, journal, or just hang out with friends.

I am a people person. I love being around people who make me happy! I love going to the mountains and hiking and camping. I love being outdoors! I also enjoy soccer and tennis. Having a learning difference is not the worst thing in the world. I have learned so much more about myself over the past few years, and I am thankful and blessed that I have learned to overcome my fears of having an LD so that I can enjoy my life!