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Graduate School Testing

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Congratulations! You are about to receive your bachelor’s degree! This is a huge accomplishment and milestone in your life. But now the question is: What’s next? Most graduates tend to explore careers that are within the field of their major. However, there are other options if you feel that you are not ready to jump straight into a career. One very popular, and sometimes necessary, next step is graduate school. The GRE, also known as the Graduate Record Examination, is a standardized test that is an admissions requirement for a…read more


Exam Preparation

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One of the biggest challenges a college student faces is the ever-dreadful class exams. A college semester involves a lot of different things to balance such as attending classes, doing homework, exercise, laundry, and having time left over for a social life, let alone prepare for an exam. However, there are ways to do it without making your life even more hectic and actually make exams seem less stressful. It all starts with exam preparation. NOTE: This blog is not about what to do during the few days before exams,…read more


Kelly’s Story

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Hello, my name is Kelly! I am from Charlotte, North Carolina, am 20 years old, and have a learning difference. I’m currently in my junior year of college at East Carolina University, and am majoring in Psychology, which I intend to continue studying on into graduate school. Eventually, I want to open my own practice and provide testing for students with potential learning differences.