Your freshman year in college will most likely be a major transition from the life you knew in high school. The freedom it brings is invigorating, and you have the chance to meet tons of new, interesting people. College offers many different activities and organizations to get involved in, as well as plenty to do in your spare time. However, all these great freedoms and opportunities come with even greater personal responsibility.

Countless college students face pitfalls and temptations every day. These can be in the form of anything like parties, sports, road trips, or friends simply wanting to hang out. It is vital to keep in mind that college is a school and your studies should always come first. Having a LD only makes this last statement more crucial. It is important to know what resources are available and use them to your full advantage.

I assure you there will be plenty of time to do non-school related things; don’t forget you live on a vibrant college campus. But to manage everything successfully, you must learn how to balance your life. Organization is key when it comes to handling a hectic college schedule and can be a lifesaver in the long run. The main categories you need to make sure are present when prioritizing are: keeping up with school work, staying healthy, and finding time to relax. Only after you take care of these important areas should you consider adding more to your plate.

Read through our blogs for advice, tools, and stories we have to offer on different aspects of college life. You can also send us any questions or concerns you may have through our Student to Student Q and A, and offer your own advice on LD on the DL. We want to help you be successful your first year; however, in the end it is up to you to determine what kind of college experience you will have.