Study Apps

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Studying can be hard for anyone, but especially if you have a learning difference, and in college simply going over your notes before a test just isn’t going to be enough to make good grades. Fortunately, there are study apps out there to help you be a more actively engaged studier. Here are some very easy and helpful study apps that you might want to check out to make your study sessions more productive as well as help you be better prepared for tests.

My favorite of all the study apps is Quizlet. This app has a lot of great features to help students study. One feature is creating flashcards. This is great for all those definitions you need to learn, and the flashcards are conveniently there for you to flip through at anytime. All you do is put the word on the front and the definitions on the back and voilà. Another great advantage is that it will read you both the front and back of the flashcards if needed. This is a great feature for all those auditory learners out there. Another feature I really like is that you can create tests and quizzes from the flashcards you’ve made. It gives you options for fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, and true or false formats. It also will let you choose how many questions you want to be asked at once. Then after you take the test, it will show you the ones you got correct and the one you got wrong. This app is online, so it is great for computers, and there is also a version that will work for iPhones and iPads. But the best part is that the app is absolutely free.

Another great study app is Studyblue. This app is similar to Quizlet in that you create flashcards. However, for this free app you start by creating an account online. You can also join “classes” to see the flashcards other students have created for your course, which is a really great way to study. There is also a speaking component, but you have to pay either $3 or $9 a month to use it. Once you are done creating your flashcards, you can take a quiz, look at a review sheet, or flip your cards (studying either vocab words first or definitions first). This app is also available for your phone and iPad.

The next app you might want to try is Evernote.  This app is also free, but it takes a little longer to get started.  You have to download the app to your computer and set up an account.  I downloaded the app to see what it is all about and it looks really cool. You can create notes and have notebooks for all your subjects.  There are also other really helpful tools that you can use to interact with your class notes. For instance, you can record yourself saying the information, add attachments, and take pictures to help you remember all the class material. I really like the record feature because sometimes those automatic voices are hard to understand or do not say the words correctly. But if you record yourself saying the notes, you may actually understand it. You can also set alarms to help keep you on track with your time spent studying. This app works on phones and other devices as long as you have internet access.

The final app I’m going to tell you about is called 30/30.  This app isn’t so much a way to study, but it helps you stay on track to get stuff done. It’s a task organizer. What you do is create a list of tasks that need to be done and give an allotted time frame for each one. Once the time for one task runs out, it will tell you to move on to the next item on your list. It is a great app to help you be the most productive with your time. If you plan on using this cool app, one tip I have is to include 5 minute breaks every 30 minutes or so during your study sessions. Then use that five minutes to stand up and get a snack, something to drink, do stretch, or do a few workout exercises to wake yourself up. This will help keep you from zoning out, and brief workout exercises will help supply your brain with more oxygen, allowing you to retain more of the information you are studying.  This app is available for you to download to your iPhone or iPad, but unfortunately it is not available for android products. However, like all the other apps I’ve mentioned, it is free.