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APA Formatting

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All through high school, and maybe even in middle school, teachers often encourage students to use MLA formatting for papers. It has been embedded in our brains for a long time that this is how papers should be set up. However, in college different areas of study may require students to learn a brand new formatting style for research papers. One of these formats is APA. Teachers who require this format will vary on how strictly they enforce its rules. However, you should always strive to be as accurate as…read more


Semester Goal Setting Tips

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Goal setting is something very beneficial that you should do at the start of each semester. It helps you formulate  ambitions that will keep you driven and gets you to actively plan out strategies to reach those goals. When you are setting semester goals it is crucial to not just think about things you feel would be fun or important to do, but rather things you can see yourself actually accomplishing. It is easy to go into a semester saying you want to join a few new clubs and make…read more


Required Reading in College

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Assigned reading is a dreaded task that many students with learning differences try to avoid at all cost.  While some students might enjoy a good fiction novel from time to time, I have met only a few students both with and without learning differences who say they truly enjoy reading assigned readings from professors. No matter how “easy” of a read teachers claim the 1,000 page textbook is, students may find themselves struggling to fulfill the demands of required reading for all their classes and retain the important information. For…read more