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Walter and Marie Williams’ STEPP Program

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When students are diagnosed with a learning disability they often have a limited amount of accommodations and support offered to them in school. From the time they are diagnosed to the day they graduate high school, the typical support they receive is governed by a 504 plan or IEP. This requires a meeting with teachers and parents each year to discuss with the student what is needed for him/her to be successful throughout the year. After the meeting, school professionals are required to assist students with the determined accommodations and…read more


End the Semester Strong

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The rapidly approaching end to the semester usually creates a mixture of excitement for the end of classes, stress about exams, and many other emotions encompassed into one big ball of anxious anticipation. You’ve survived all-nighters, sporting events, pop quizzes, random roommates, living on your own, and so on, but it is easy to sometimes forget why we are in college. Do not let yourself think since the end of the semester is in sight that you can start slacking off. This is your time to prove to everyone, including…read more