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Living with Roommates

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Often when people think of going to college they think of going to get an education and having fun, but what is usually overlooked is the countless other life and growing up experiences that occur in college. One of the many areas college teaches us about is learning to live with roommates. This is often someone you have never met before, may or may not have anything in common with, and could be someone who turns into your best friend or your worst enemy depending on the situation. Discovering how…read more


Preparing for Classes to Start

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Coming to college is one of the most exciting and yet terrifying experiences any late teenager generally experiences. It’s a new world away from parents, friends, and familiar environments. Before classes began, there is usually a few days in which the university gives students a chance to get used to their new school and community. A lot of new students look at this as a time to live it up now that they are on their own for the first time. Others may struggle with homesickness. However, whatever you do…read more