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Job Interviews

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If you are approaching your college graduation, you are probably starting to search for your first job. This means doing hours of research on the different companies you are interested in working for, filling out countless applications, and crossing your fingers in hopes of getting a reply back to set up an interview. Interview procedures are the most daunting steps in the whole job hunting process because making a good impression is essential and could be the deciding factor on whether or not you get hired.  But don’t worry, there…read more


Study Apps

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Studying can be hard for anyone, but especially if you have a learning difference, and in college simply going over your notes before a test just isn’t going to be enough to make good grades. Fortunately, there are study apps out there to help you be a more actively engaged studier. Here are some very easy and helpful study apps that you might want to check out to make your study sessions more productive as well as help you be better prepared for tests. My favorite of all the study…read more


Mid-Semester Organization Tips

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In the middle of most semesters I find myself unorganized, with stray papers in every nook and cranny of my room, book bag, and sometimes under my bed. No matter how organized I am at the beginning of the semester, I always end up searching my room for ten minutes trying to find last night’s Spanish homework in a pile of papers.  But I eventually figured out a system for when I get in this state of chaos. There are steps I learned to take that help get me back…read more