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Do you need a car your first year of college?

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Some schools do not allow first year students to have cars while other schools do. Also, the parking area for freshman might be pretty far away from campus and inconvenient to get to. Personally I don’t think you need a car your first year. Many schools have reliable transit systems to get you around campus and major spots in the surrounding town or city. So definitely check and see what kind of transportation system is offered at your university when determining if you want to bring a car.  


North Carolina Public Universities’ Disability Support

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A lot of times students simply don’t know how to get involved with their school’s disability support services because not all colleges do a great job of advertising them. Then on top of that, many students feel too shy or self-conscious to talk about their learning differences with advisers or other academic personnel. But fortunately all public North Carolina universities have disability support that you can take advantage of if you are eligible. Below I have listed all 16 of North Carolina’s public universities with links to their disability support…read more